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Rings for 20 Disney ladies… 

Something I was mindlessly working on while watching season 3 of Sherlock. :)

Rings made with Gemvara’s jewelry creator.

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I will stop reblogging this when it stops being perfection.



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(inspired by Ruby Sparks)

Nothing ever happens to John Watson. Not since the army doctor returned from Afghanistan. So when his therapist suggests he get into writing books, he decides to give it a try, writing mystery stories under the pseudonym Arthur Conan Doyle. Through this, John creates Sherlock Holmes, the most brilliant consulting detective the world has ever seen.

But John gets the surprise of his life when he wakes up one morning to find the character in his living room, as human as human beings can get, urging the writer to come along with him on a case. Sherlock is a handful - highly intelligent and observant but arrogant and sarcastic - exactly how John had described him, actually. It’s an absolute battlefield as they solve case after case, but John realizes he wouldn’t have written it any other way.


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so apparently when jrr tolkien was a professor on the first day of class he’d wait until his students were in the lecture hall and seated and starting to wonder whether they were all in the wrong room before throwing open the doors at the back of the hall and striding down the aisle reciting the first 50 lines of beowulf in old english so moral of the story if you don’t know anything about jrr tolkien aside from lotr you are missing out my friend

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*synchronously being friends*

[ x ]

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Benedict Cumberbatch - Armando Gallo Portraits, part 1 [HQ]

Another example of Armando Gallo’s artistry.

These are radiantly glorious

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fun-size candy bars aren’t fun after you’ve eaten 37 of them

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Something for my followers

what the fuck is that, why is there sweetcorn on a slab of lard i’m so confused 

those are mango chunks on a cake you uncultured swine

I thought it was cheese on butter

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A few weeks ago my japanese class did a gift exchange with our penpal class in japan and their box of stuff came in today. All of the gifts had really cute messages on yellow notes. This one was my favorite..image


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u think i am walking around the house with a blanket around my shoulders because i cold but in actuality it is my cloak and i am on an adventure

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when you ship something your friend doesn’t